Ryan — Arvada Colorado

I would recommend L & R to anyone that is looking for a shop they can trust to be up front and honest with the repair of a vehicle. I took my 1965 Mustang to Vic and Mark to address a severe oil leak sometime in October. At first, the though was the rear main seal was bad. As the engine was not original and I had no paperwork on it, Vic and Mark spent time researching to determine where the engine came from and kept in constant communication with me as to where they were in the process. After replacing the rear main seal twice, Vic determined there was more to the problem than originally thought. After inviting me to the shop to take a look and discuss the problem and possible next steps, I was impressed with the time taken to discuss my options and the costs associated with them. Further, Vic kept the rear main that had been removed to show that he had indeed changed it twice. I decided to move forward and determine the cause of the oil leak and Vic began to tear the engine apart and again invited me in to see the work and what he had found. At this point there were a couple of options, continue to repair certain pieces and hope that we identified the source or have the engine rebuilt. Obviously there was a decision to be made and big costs associated with the decision. Vic and Mark both put all options on the table for me and gave me different machine shops to talk to and other places to look and discuss what I should do. Further, they told me to think about it over the weekend and let them know what I wanted to do. Keep in mind that during this timeframe my car was sitting in one of L & R's three bays (2 weeks at this point) that they could use for other repair jobs. Following the weekend, I decided to invest in the rebuild of the engine. Vic pulled the engine, sent it to be rebuilt, did some of the other work on the vehicle that he could, and put the engine back in two weeks later. The whole time the car remained in a bay at the shop as they agreed it was not a car that should sit outside. Due to my travel schedule for work, Vic met me the day after Thanksgiving (they were closed) to turn the vehicle over to me. As before, they saved all the parts that had been replaced. Overall, I believe the car stayed inside the shop for five or six weeks. I truly appreciate the patience, detail, and honesty that Vic and Mark both had and their no pressure approach to auto repair. My car sounds and runs awesome. Thank for your outstanding service and honesty!

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